Book Cover Transient Beings - A Novel

How does a good man comfort others when he no longer trusts the tools of his trade?

Set in rural Ireland in the 1970s a rector and his wife find themselves in an idyllic country parish. However life in the rectory is not all it might appear. This is a study of addiction in all of its guises. The rector has to struggle with personal crises and a community where ancient tensions are always just beneath the veneer of everyday life.

This is the story of the rector as he struggles to understand his duty, his wife and his place in the world. It is a story from the heart as we follow the rector into a growing nightmare of rationalisation. It is a moving story of being an outsider on the inside.

Patrick Semple's writing has been described as having a depth of learning and an earnestness of purpose with a selfless immersion in the lives of the characters in the best traditions of John McGahern and Brian Moore.

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