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What's in a book?

In this age of speed and instant access there is still room for a book in everybody's life. Between the covers of a good book many a good idea is born and raised. The format of books is changing rapidly and the internet provides unlimited information.

A book, however, has a beginning, middle and end. It has the best wishes of the author and the brotherhood and sisterhood of its readers. As you open it you join the community of people who have created, produced, distributed and made it available for you, dealing in ideas, dreams and knowledge.

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Code Green Publishing takes its impact on the environment very seriously. We are committed to taking practical steps to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. Read our environmental policy here.

Did you know that Amazon.com has a Green Store for environmentally friendly and sustainable products?


Latest News:

Irish Times journalist and official biographer of Irish President, Mary McAleese - Patsy McGarry

Patsy McGarry launches Patrick Semple's latest works on 10 September 2014.
The works launched were: "Another Slice", the follow up to "Slices of Life"; and "Natures Playthings",the sequel to "Transient Beings".

Launch Invitation.

TV's “Fr Jack” launches Code Green book

Transient-Beings-launch (3617K) The actor and comedian Frank Kelly, famous from Ballymagash to Craggy Island and beyond, launched Patrick Semple's new book “Transient Beings” in Dublin on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.
Photo: Frank Kelly, Patrick Semple and Leo Cullen at the launch.

Transient Beings "Transient Beings" is a novel set in a rectory in rural Ireland in the 1970s. It is a surprising, intelligent and brave story of addiction and one man's honest examination of his beliefs.

Read the first chapter: Transient Beings.

The Ingenious Engine of Reality
A “Trousers of Reality” book

Ingenious Engine of Reality Relaunching the second book of “Trousers of Reality” series. The Ingenious Engine of Reality is an examination of the meaning & application of consciousness and how we can apply that knowledge to employment, education and living in general. It starts by exploring recent advances in neuroscience to ask why and how we do things. It provides a cornucopia of useful links to management theory, philosophy, science and more.

Read more: The Ingenius Engine of Reality.

Building On Our Past

Building on our past We are pleased to present Peter Hancock's new book. Building On Our Past is an essential guide for the individual builder or established developer who wishes to use environmentally sensitive technologies in a new building or restoration project. A satisfying read for even the non specialist. It covers everything from roofing and glazing materials to wind and solar energy with practical examples, photos and technical drawings. It looks at practical ways in which the latest materials, inventions and construction techniques can be combined with the best practices from our rich architectural heritage to create beautiful yet thermo-efficient and sustainable new buildings. 

Read more: Building On Our Past.